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School Meals

The Warrington school meals catering service provides your child with healthy, filling and nutritional meals every school day.

A balanced diet gives children energy, helps them to concentrate in the classroom and teaches them the importance of being healthy as they grow into adults.

School meals are priced at just £2.30 per day. Payment can be made directly to school by cash or cheque or alternatively, parents may set up a direct debit for convenience. If you wish to do this, please complete the form below and submit to Warrington Borough Council.

Our school menu runs on a 3-week cycle to provide a variety of meals. Use the link on the left to access full details of the current menu.

Quality of Meals

As part of the school lunch a pupil will receive a two course meal with a drink. This will include a protein item accompanied with potatoes, rice or pasta and fresh vegetables, a dessert and a drink.

All food and drinks served in Warrington schools meet the government's standards for school food. Food is prepared on site using fresh ingredients. We do not transport food from one school to another (unless an emergency situation arises).

60% of the fruit and vegetables that we prepare and serve are grown locally (50 miles radius of Warrington).

Our recipes are high in fibre but low in fat, sugar and salt and only branded products are used.

Special dietary needs

Vegetarian, multi-cultural and special dietary items are included in our menu plans.

Any specific concerns or requests can be dealt with by contacting the school meals catering service on 01925 443322.

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