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Maths Parental Workshop - 03/11/15


At Penketh Primary school, we want children to develop a real enthusiasm for mathematics and to equip them with the key skills that will be essential at high school, in higher education and in their personal and working lives. Mathematics is an essential part of everyday life. By developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems, mathematics enables children to make sense of the world around them and to understand relationships and patterns in both number and space in their everyday lives. 

The school aims: -

  • To encourage all children to develop an enthusiasm for and a confidence in mathematics.
  • To help children to understand the importance of developing mathematical skills as an essential part of everyday life.
  • To help children to develop and use a wide range of mathematical skills appropriately.
  • To provide a rich and challenging learning environment that stimulates mathematical thinking and learning with well-planned, interesting work.
  • To ensure that all children achieve their full potential.

Teaching and Learning

A range of practical, exploratory, investigative, problem solving and written activities are used to enable children to develop a sound understanding of mathematical concepts and to consolidate their ability to apply this knowledge in a range of contexts. Children are taught maths for one hour each day. From September 2016 the school will use the Singapore approach when teaching maths.

Rationale to Singapore Maths

The Singapore method of teaching mathematics develops pupils’ mathematical skills and confidence without having to resort to memorising procedures to pass tests- making mathematics more engaging and interesting. Borrowing heavily from the Cockroft report (1982) the emphasis of the programme is all on problem solving. In all the material you will find that the teaching focuses on the use of three core competencies: Visualisation, Finding Patterns, and Mental Strategies.

In each lesson, mental maths skills are taught and practised in order to allow children to secure their understanding of key mathematical concepts. In each unit of work, children are encouraged to use and apply the skills they have acquired in a range of contexts in order to consolidate their learning. Times table recall also takes priority. Children are regularly tested and rewarded for achieving them.

Further information about the Maths curriculum, how it is taught and programmes of study for each year group can be found by clicking the downloadable documents at the top of this page. 

Maths Websites for Children

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