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In the past, children were taught Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in schools, which basically showed them how to use technology.  Computing now replaces ICT with a greater focus on learning about and programming computers, rather than on just using programs.

At Penketh Primary School we recognise that computers underpin today‚Äôs modern lifestyle. Our vision is to develop independent learners who are well equipped for their future; to gain the appropriate knowledge, skills and competencies, developing their confidence and capability to use digital technology thoughtfully throughout their lives.

Work within each year group ensures continuity and progression and is closely linked to other areas of the curriculum.  All classes have timetabled sessions in the ICT Suite to give pupils the opportunity to enhance, practise and apply their skills.

Children now learn what algorithms are, which does not always involve computers. An algorithm is a set of instructions and teachers may illustrate the idea using recipes or by getting ready for PE. Children will also be creating and debugging simple programs of their own, developing logical reasoning skills and taking their first steps in using devices like Beebots and Roamers.

They will also be looking at ways in which computer programs can be used to create, organise, store, retrieve and edit digital content.

Although at our school we have always taught the importance of Internet Safety, this has now become an integral part of the Computing curriculum.

Not everything will change; children will still learn how to use a computer but they will now begin to understand how computers can be programmed.


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