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Year 5

HT5 - North America

This term, Year 5 will research North America and look closely at the environmental region of Niagara.

On this journey across the Atlantic Ocean, Year 5 will investigate how lifestyle, culture and geographical features compare with that of Penketh, Warrington and Manchester.



As Scientist, Year 5 will spend this term investigating forces: air resistance, water resistance, gravity and friction. They will have the opportunity to investigate their hypothesis first hand in a range of experiments.

Year 5 will also learn to record their data and findings using tables, graphs and diagrams and keys.




As Writers, Year 5 will continue on their journey across North America to the border of Canada, where the immense Niagara Falls lie. Using research and their existing knowledge of the falls  (having read Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg), our children will produce non-chronological reports.

Non-chronological reports are a great way for children to present their work in exciting and engaging ways, as well as us use a range of sentence structures, interesting vocabulary and high level punctuation. 


Reading is an essential part of the English. Being able to decode, analyse and evaluate a text is really important, not just to reading but also to writing! The more you read - the greater your: vocabulary, grammar and composition. 

The class library has a wide selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction. If you are looking for a good read - come and see me for suggestions.

Remember, reading every night will make a difference to your reading and writing.


As mathmaticians, Year 5 will learn about shape, position and movement and learn to convert between units of measure. This will include length, weight and money. 

To keep previous learning fresh in your mind, it is important to practise skills. Each morning, year 5 will be revising number operations with worded problems.


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