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Year 5

HT3 - Mayan Civilization

This term, Year 5 will research and learn about Mayan history; comparing what advances were made in AD 900 by Britain to that of Mayan civilization. 

On this journey through time, Year 5 will also investigate the countries of Central America - using maps and technology to focus on the environmental regions, physical and human characteristics and major cities.



In English, Year 5 will be using the Science topic of Earth and Space as a stimilus to write. They will be reading, analysing and writing: newspaper articles, reports and recounts. 

In order for children to write to a high standard, it is really important for them to read a range of quality texts. This will allow them access to a greater variety of vocabulary as well as seeing the many skills they learn in school, first hand!


Reading is an essential part of the English. Being able to decode, analyse and evaluate a text is really important, not just to reading but also to your writing! The more you read - the greater your: vocabulary, grammar and knowledge of punctuation. 

The class library has a wide selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction. If you are looking for a good read - come and see me for some ideas.

Remember, reading every night will make a difference to your reading and writing.


This half term, Year 5 will be learning all about fractions! How to add, subtract and multiply them, as well as finding equivalents. Remember - fractions tell us how many parts there are from a given number (numerator and denominator).

Have a look at the fractions below and see whether to can write a challengefor yourself, class mates or me!

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