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Welcome to Year 5!

Welcome back!

I hope you all had a delightful Easter holiday and made lots of memories with your families.

This term:

PE - will take place on Tuesday with our Sports Coach - Sean. Please ensure that the correct PE kit is in school on these days, as children will not be allowed to borrow other's kits. Also, as the weather begins the brigten and improve - please being hats, water bottles and sun screen so you stay healthy.

Snack and Lunch- is available to order every morning and can be paid for via the Parent Pay. Lunch will cost £2.30.

Uniform - please ensure children are wearing the correct uniform each day and suitable footwear. Please also make sure that children bring a coat to school even though the weather is warming - we can still experience some chilly days. As mentioned before, make sure water bottles and hats are in school ready for the warmer weather. And if you require sun screen bring this to apply independently.

Reading - in Year 5, I ask that children read 10 minutes every night - both independently and with parents. This will help them to improve their fluency as well as comprehension skills. It is important that home reading is recorded in homework diaries with the title and quanity of pages covered. Please note that if reading is not completed at home, children will be asked to read during their break time.

Homework Diaries - must be brought to school every day in order to check for reading and to convey any information or messages that are needed. It is also important to use these diaries as a form of communication if you have any queries.

Homework - English, My Maths (online) and spelling homework will be issued on a Monday and collected on a Friday. If for any reason there is a problem with the homework, please make me aware using the Homework Diaries and I will work to resolve to problem.

Finally, I look forward to your continued support..

If you need any further information or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, my door is always open!

Kind regards,

Mrs Moores 

Year 5 Class Teacher / SENCO


During this term, Year 5 will be taking inspiration from a collection of books including: Farther by Grahame Baker-Smith, Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg.

Year 5 will use these texts to inspire their writing in: setting descriptions and letters.



HT5 - North America


During this term, Year 5 will continue with their journey across the Atlantic to Central America and moving up to North America.

We will be looking at the human and natural geography of North America - historical regions and keys landmarks.

Once we have adeveloped a good understanding for North America, we will begin our comparison to Britain.


In Science, Year 5 will look at the Living Things and their natural inhabitat.

This will include the life cycles of different species: mammals, plants, reptiles, insects, birds, aphibians and fish.



Reading is an essential part of the English. Being able to decode, analyse and evaluate a text is really important, not just to reading but also to writing! The more you read - the greater your: vocabulary, grammar and composition. 

The class library has a wide selection of books, both fiction and non-fiction. If you are looking for a good read - come and see me for suggestions.

Remember, reading every night will make a difference to your reading and writing.



This term, we will be learning how:

  • to covert fractions and decimals to percentages
  • find percentages of amounts
  • Angles - including acute, obtuse and reflex and right angles.
  • Angles of shapes.
  • Angles on a straight line.

All pupils have an account fpr TTROCKSTARS and should be using this frequently to improve their number skills.



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