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Welcome to our Year 4 class


English -Escape from Pompeii by Christina Balit

We will be starting this half term with ‘Escape From Pompeii by Christina Balit. We will be looking at letters and diary writing. We will be continuing our work on coordinating conjunctions and using subordinate conjunctions as well as expanded noun phrases, fronted adverbials, pronouns and nouns within and across sentences and using inverted commas to indicate direct speech.

We will continue our work on the year 4 word list as well as prefixes, suffixes and homophones.



times tables

One of our main focuses in year 4 is times tables and we will be practising these every day and continuing with our times tables challenge. We will be measuring height, length and perimeter, writing Roman numerals up to 100, identifying different types of angles and triangles, plotting points to create shapes, identifying the lines of symmetry within a shape and measure mass and volume. 


Practise times tables recall 


and the corresponding division facts

Play 'hit the button' to help you learn your times tables. 

Learn the meaning and how to spell the year 3 / 4 word list and make sure you can read and spell the first 200 HFW


This half term we will be doing dance on a Tuesday and tennis on a Friday.

Topic - The Roman impact on Britain

We will investigating the Romans and the impact they had on Britain. To understand what the terms ‘invade’ and ‘settle’ mean. To find out how and why the Romans invaded Britain. To find out who Boudicca was and what she did and finally what has survived until today of the Roman invasion of Britain.


Science - States of Matter

  We will be looking at states of matter. To compare and group materials according to whether they are a solid, liquid or a gas. To identify and explore the properties of gases. To observe that materials change when they are heated or cooled. To research the temperature in degrees at which materials change state and to understand the process of evaporation.

states of matter


The children will have home reading books, times tables practise, English and My Maths homework on a weekly basis. Homework will be given on a Monday and must be handed in on a Friday.

More details regarding My Maths will follow. 

Spellings will be given out on Mondays and tested on Fridays. 






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