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Welcome to our Year 3 Class Page : Miss Sayer & Mrs Williams

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Welcome to our Year 3 Class page. 

This page will be updated every half term to help to keep you up to date with the topics we will be working on in class. 

There will also be a copy of my long term plan for the year and each half term's medium term plan as we get to it. 

I will post helpful websites to support our learning and a copy of the spellings for the half term. 

Enjoy using our class page! 


The children can bring a bookbag to school to put in their homework, snack, reading diary and reading book. NO RUCKSACKS PLEASE.

If children want to bring in a water bottle, it must be named and only contain water. It will come home every night to be washed and refilled.


Children will need their PE kits in school on Thursdays.  Please ensure your child has suitable kit, including a supportive pair of trainers and separate PE socks.



During English lessons this half term, we will take inspiration from the book Journey, by Aaron Becker.  We will be using this story to write our own adventure narrative, using the present perfect tense and a range of prepositions, adverbs and conjunctions to express time, place and cause.  So far this year, we have been learning to use paragraphs to group related ideas, which we will continue to develop.                                                                                                                                            

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This half term, we will be developing our knowledge of fractions – learning to count in tenths and developing our ability to find both unit and non-unit fractions of objects and numbers.  We will also be using this half term to develop our skills estimating and reading time with increasing accuracy using both analogue and digital clocks. 

Maths Support at Home

Below are links to maths resources created by White Rose to support your child's learning at home.

Times Tables

We will be focusing on our 3, 4 and 8 times tables, improving our fluency and confidence.

Your child also has access to Times Table Rockstars which is an excellent tool to improve rapid recall of multiplication and division facts.  Will you become a times tables legend?



Here you will find spelling lists for each half term.  It is important that your child spends time each week practising these at home to consolidate and reinforce their learning at school.  Some useful spellings strategies are included on each half term's spelling overview to support learning at home.  Each Friday, children are given a spelling test to assess their understanding of the spelling patterns focused on that week and identify targets for further development.


Half term Five:

We will be spending some time revising previously taught suffixes including –ed, -ing, -ness and –ful before moving on to learning the rules for adding the suffix –ly to root words.  A large focus for this half term will be on using a range of spelling strategies to practise statutory spellings from our Year 3 words list.

Phase 3 group spellings:

Statutory Spelling Lists



Our science focus for this half term is plants, which will allow us to build upon our previous learning from our rocks and soils topic.  We will be investigating what conditions plants need for growth and researching the functions of key parts of flowering plants.  We will also be researching the life cycle of flowering plants, focusing on the processes of germination, growth, pollination, reproduction and seed dispersal.


We will be playing invasion games.  Our focus will be on the skills of creating space and maintaining possession as a team in order to score points.




We will be studying Sikhism, with a focus on why Gurus are important to Sikhs, considering the importance of commitment within Sikhism.     



We will studying the song ‘Bringing us Together’ by Joanne Mangona and Pete Readman.  This is a Disco song about friendship, peace, hope and unity.  We will explore a range of musical features of the song and learn to perform it together. 

music notes(1)


We will be studying features of different regions within the UK.  We will name different regions of the UK, including counties and cities using maps.  We will also be developing an understanding of changes that have happened in different regions and the impact on environment and cultural diversity.                               



Our driving question this half term will be ‘What are families like?’ 

We will look at how families differ in structure; how they support and care for each other and discuss where we can seek advice if family relationships are causing us to feel unhappy.


Our focus will be on textiles, particularly sewing.  We will explore a range of stitches including running and cross stitch to achieve different patterns.  We will then design and make our own bookmarks and evaluate the success of our creations.  



We will be revising simple greetings and how to ask and respond to questions.  We will then expand our vocabulary to include numbers and colours - using this knowledge to develop our language skills through a range of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities.

spanish website


Our focus will be programming – using a range of unplugged activities to develop our understanding of algorithms and other key programming skills.


Homework will be given out on Mondays to be completed and returned by Friday. There will be online maths homework and grammar homework to be completed in your child’s homework book. Your child will also have spellings and reading to complete each week.

Your  child is encouraged to also access TTRockstars to practise their multiplication and division facts, which are crucial to enhance their understanding across the maths curriculum.

Reading at home

Bug Club has books set for your child to read at home. There are quizzes and questions to complete along the way. When your child has completed all the activities within the book they will automatically be assigned a new book. Children should be aiming to read at home 4 times a week.


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