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Welcome to our Year 3 Class Page : Mr Goodall & Mrs Williams


Welcome to our Year 3 Class page. 

This page will be updated every half term to help to keep you up to date with the topics we will be working on in class. 

There will also be a copy of my long term plan for the year and each half term's medium term plan as we get to it. 

I will post helpful websites to support our learning and a copy of the spellings for the half term. 

Enjoy using our class page! 


The children can bring a bookbag to school to put in their homework, snack, reading diary and reading book. NO RUCKSACKS PLEASE.

If children want to bring in a water bottle, it must be named and only contain water. It will come home every night to be washed and refilled.


Children will need their PE kits in school on Wednesdays.  Please ensure your child has suitable kit, including a supportive pair of trainers and separate PE socks.



We will be reading ‘Zeraffa Giraffa’ by Dianne Hofmeyr. Our outcome will be to write a persuasive guide for visiting Zeraffa at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris. We will be doing this by using the present and past tenses correctly and consistently including the progressive form and the present perfect form. We will also include persuasive language and write in the 2nd and 3rd person.  

By using everything we have learned so far in Year 3 appropriately we will be able to embellish our writing and build a varied and rich vocabulary.                                    



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We will be finishing our work on fractions for the first two weeks. Then, our focus will chance to Geometry, Time, Measures and a lovely week of Commonwealth Maths Games week.            

I appreciate your continued support with the 3, 4 and 8 times tables. Also, your continued support in completing the Maths homework weekly which will focus on different types of measurement.

Maths Support at Home

Below are links to maths resources created by White Rose to support your child's learning at home.

Times Tables

We will be focusing on our times tables up to 12, improving our fluency and confidence.

Your child also has access to Times Table Rockstars which is an excellent tool to improve rapid recall of multiplication and division facts.  Will you become a times tables legend?


Statutory Spelling Lists



We will be focusing on light. We will be recognising that you need light to see things and that dark is the absence of light. We will be investigating how light is reflected from surfaces. We will be finding patterns in the way shadows change in size.   



Our lessons will be focusing on Athletics including running games and jumping games.



With Mrs Williams/ Mrs Sykes we will be exploring Hinduism. Asking the question, why is the family an important part of Hindu life?




We will exploring tempo and pitch through Reflect, Rewind and Replay. We will also be continuing our singing sessions practising our songs.

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We will be continuing our look at different civilisations including the Ancient Sumer, The Indus Valley, Ancient Egypt and the Shang Dynasty.

We will be going in depth on the Indus Valley. Seeing what do these civilisations have in common and an overview of their achievements.



We will be asking the question why should we keep active and sleep well?

We will also be looking at the British values of tolerance, mutual respect and individual liberty.



We will be focusing sewing. We will be improving our mastery of techniques of different sewing patterns.

We will be stitching our own bookmarks.



With Senora Kennedy we will be focusing on a picnic. Consolidating our knowledge of word families including, numbers, colours, foods and fruits.   

spanish website


We will be working Databases. We will be deleoping our skills to sort and classify information. We will be making bar charts and processing information on different scenarios.  Including using our knowledge on early civilisations we have learnt in our History sessions.   



Homework will be given out on Mondays to be completed and returned by Friday. There will be online maths homework and grammar homework to be completed in your child’s homework book. Your child will also have spellings and reading to complete each week.

Your  child is encouraged to also access TTRockstars to practise their multiplication and division facts, which are crucial to enhance their understanding across the maths curriculum.


Here you will find spelling lists for each half term.  It is important that your child spends time each week practising these at home to consolidate and reinforce their learning at school.  Some useful spellings strategies are included on each half term's spelling overview to support learning at home.  Each Friday, children are given a spelling test to assess their understanding of the spelling patterns focused on that week and identify targets for further development.

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